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Safety facts About Different Transit Modes

by Kamal Salar
Safety facts About Different Transit Modes

These days, the news is heard about highway accidents and accidents at grade crossings. Many claims about safety rules regarding different transit modes are seen often in news headlines. Now, there are few queries arises in the mind that do all these claims are true? Is there any transit mode, which is the safest one? Getting the answer is quite difficult, but the following methodologies can help out.

Is the bus Safest Transportation Mode?

Is the bus Safest Transportation Mode

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Every day, thousands of buses carry workers to their jobs, children to school, public to different points in an area, and even travelers across the nation. As we all know that this transit mode makes life easier for so many folks, providing reasonable conveyance for many individuals and an environmentally friendly elegant transportation solution. However, each year bus accidents are causing injuries, property harm, and even fatalities.

An Overview of Bus Crashes:

one research on bus crashes show that the number of bus crash statistics rose slightly in 2015. But still, there were 257 fatalities in bus crashes, 49 bus occupant fatalities were registered. Moreover,14,000 bus crashes that resulted in injury and 53,000 bus crashes that resulted in property damage.

Is the Air Safest Transportation Mode?

Air Safest Transportation Mode

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Air transportation is the most eminent mode of long-distance passenger travel in the US. The US has a sophisticated air transit infrastructure which operates approximately 5,000 paved runways. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is considered the world’s busiest Airport in 2004 in term of passengers.

An Overview of Aviation-related Deaths:

Since you only have only 1% out of 1000% chance of dying from an air or a space transport incident. Flying is, in fact, one of the safest means of transportation. The DOT and the National Transportation Safety Board registered preliminary statistics for 2015 but the Bureau of Transportation Statistics has recorded approximately 848.1 million airplane passengers on flights to and from the United States and has reported 444 aviation-related deaths in 2014.

Is the Highway Safest Mode?

Highway Safest Mode

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Highways generally are used for commuting from one city to another city. People who have their own automobile mostly use this mode of transit.

An Overview of Highway Accidents:

If we statistically speak, Driving on the highway is the most dangerous way to travel. The recent study shows that Drivers have a 1 in 114 chance of dying in automobiles collide, and a 1 in 654 chance of dying as a car passenger. In 2015, The Statistics have recorded approximately 35,092 highway fatalities and 12,628 were passengers. Moreover, 9,813 have died in small trucks like pickups, vans, utility vehicles and 4,976 were died were a motorcyclist.

What about Water Transit Mode?

Water Transit Mode

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It is the least used transit mode. Because of this mode of transportation only available in nearby coastal areas. Usually, people use this mode for doing recreational activities and for long distance travel.

An Overview of Boating Fatalities:

Wandering by boat also comes with modest risk. In 2015, 692 boating fatalities were recorded. However, 90% of these cases were caused by leisure boating and were not related to the passenger.

Is the Train Safest Transportation Mode?

Train Safest Transportation Mode

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Nowadays, Trains are not the foremost mode of transportation, although train travel offers numerous advantages over driving a bus, own automobile or flying such as; sightseeing, affordable price, time flexibility, comfort, and safety. Train travel is mostly secure for those people who take a train to work or utilize Amtrak to travel from one part of the country to the next. However, each year train accident leads to injuries and even fatalities.

An Overview of Rail Accident:

749 people were killed in railroad accidents in 2015. Sixty percent of these accidents were a consequence of trespassing. The United States registered a few 864 rail fatalities in 2017. Ever since the performance of the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (RSIA), the U.S freight rail industry has been working on executing the PTC technology on over 60,000 miles of the rail network.

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If, we analysis the above-mentioned statistics, the air transportation is the safest one. But it is quite expensive, cannot be used for short distance and out of the range of the middle-class person. Highways, rails, and buses are commonly used, although it has a high fatality rate.

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