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Make Winter Riding More Enjoyable With Great Gear

by Kamal Salar
winter gear

When the temps dip down below freezing, and the sun is just a feeble light low on the horizon, it isn’t time to put your bike away and watch TV until summer. Extend your riding season with winter motorcycle gear. Staying warm is at a premium, so good gloves and the right jacket will do you a world of good. Leather’s a good choice for the winter months and is always in style.

The Best Clothes for Winter Riding

 Winter apparel can include gloves, jackets, pants, jerseys and footwear.   Consider a jacket specially designed to keep you warm in frigid temps. The following are top choices:

  • Klim storm parka jacket
  • Fly Racing Outpost Jacket
  • Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 jacket
  • Cortech Blitz 3.0 Snowcross jacket
  • Klim Dakar jacket

The best jackets combine functionality, durability, abrasion resistance, ventilation, and warmth. When it comes to gloves, select from top brands such as Cortech, Klim, Fieldsheer, and Alpinestar that come in a variety of styles and price points. Special attention should also be paid to any exposed skin, as wind chill levels on the bike can quickly drop to dangerous levels.

winter gear

The Best Aftermarket Parts

 For quality aftermarket motorcycle parts, look for top brands in the categories of engine parts, air and exhaust components, electrical, wheel and axle and more. You’ll likely want studded tires to give you the extra traction to handle snow and ice. Don’t overlook putting a good anti-freeze in the machine to prevent freezing and engine damage. Also, don’t neglect the carburetor as this unit may need to be re-jetted to maintain winter performance. Finally, make sure the bike is warmed up a few extra minutes before heading out to play in the snow.

By equipping yourself and your machine for winter riding, you can extend the season for several months. Keep riding and having fun while others are fighting cabin fever.

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