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How To Get The Best Insurance Deal For Your New Mini Cooper Paceman

by Kamal Salar

One of the hottest new models to come from Mini is the Cooper Paceman. Based on the Countryman, the Mini Cooper Paceman is essentially a slightly wider, longer and taller version of the Mini One, and is perfect for tall people like me

The car comes with a plethora of features and technologies to satisfy even the most cynical of car geeks, and is available to buy right now from coopermini.co.uk and other Mini dealerships near you.

But before you head out the door to go and buy one of these stunning examples of hot-hatch engineering, you should firstly check that you can actually insure your future purchase!

Car insurance isn’t going to be stupidly expensive for the Mini Cooper Paceman, as they are only between group 14 and 16 insurance; car insurance groups in the UK range from 1 (cheap) to 50 (expensive).

New Mini Cooper PacemanImage credit: Rocking Cars

Having said that, some insurers can afford to be picky about whom they will insure, so it’s best to get your car insurance organised before you go and sign on the dotted line at your local Mini dealership. Here are some top tips to help you get cheap Mini Cooper Paceman insurance!

Lower your risk

Risk is everything to car insurance companies, so you need to do whatever you can to ensure that your risk to them is going to be low. For example, your car is at a higher risk of being broken into or stolen if it is kept overnight in full view of the public, either on the road outside of your house or on your driveway.

Yet if you keep your car stored in your garage overnight and when you are not using it, car thieves will generally find a better target than your lovely new Mini.

It is also a good idea to ensure that your Mini Cooper Paceman is going to be as secure as possible. Follow these security tips for added peace of mind:

  • Make sure that your Mini’s doors are locked when you are not using the car;
  • Don’t leave any valuable items on display such as electronic gadgets, handbags, wallets and so forth;
  • Invest in a Disklok steering wheel lock to prevent any car thieves from stealing your pride and joy;
  • Don’t park in any unlit areas;
  • Keep your Mini’s windows closed when you aren’t driving it.

Be honest about your mileage

A lot of people incorrectly guess that their annual mileage is going to be 10,000 miles a year, yet if you are only doing 4,000 miles a year, for example, it pays to be accurate about your mileage estimates.

This is because lower miles means lower insurance premiums, as the risk of your car being involved in an accident or your having to make a claim for theft will be minimised.

Shop around

You know those car insurance comparison websites that you often see adverts for on TV? Make sure that you use them to get quotes, because you really will end up saving money on your car insurance!

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