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Best Value Cars For 2016

by Kamal Salar

It’s around this time of year when all the consumer and auto press start naming their best cars in a variety of different categories. So, we thought we would take this opportunity to create our own little list. Today, we want to concentrate on the best value cars.

There are a few things to look at when it comes to excellent value. First and foremost, the price is, of course, a good pointer. Just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean it is poor quality. Many of the cars on this list cut off some of the fatty trimmings of modern cars, meaning the manufacturers can sell them cheaper. So, you still get a great ride – just less flashy gadgets on board. However, it’s also worth pointing out that you can still get great value when you pay a lot for a vehicle. It’s all a question of whether that money is worth it.

Reliability is another enormous factor when it comes to great value. The amount you pay for your car over its lifetime can sometimes exceed what you initially paid. Think about insurance, road tax, and maintenance and repairs and you can see why. So, good value cars mean that you can expect to pay less for maintenance.

Our final category to determine proper value is depreciation. Most of us buy cars and plan to sell them on at some point in the future. But, given you can wipe the price of a car out by half as soon as you drive off the forecourt, you can see what a difference low depreciation can make. So, one of the things we will be keeping a close eye on is how much resale value you can expect.

OK, so with the guidelines out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the best value cars on the market right now.

1) Toyota RAV4:

Toyota tends to get things right when it comes to great value and offer more for less on many of their models. And, when it comes to creating high quality, reliable engines, it’s hard to find anything else that matches them for the price. So, when they produce an SUV as attractive as the RAV4, it’s always worth sitting up and taking notice. Basic models will only set you back a shade over £20,000, and you can expect a hell of a lot of car for your money. The RAV4 has plenty of boot space, and the interior is comfortable, if a little basic. Plus, they come with diesel engines, too, so worth more to you if you use your vehicle for long distance travel.


( Image by mariordo59 )

2) Lexus NX:

Our next suggestion is the Lexus NX. Again, it’s a small SUV that packs more than a punch on the roads and offers excellent comfort in the interior. And, when you consider that Lexus are part of the Toyota group, you won’t be surprised at its reliability. It has excellent suspension which gives it an air of comfort refuting its price tag of around £30,000. Don’t get us wrong; that’s a considerable sum of money to hand over for a car. But, when you consider the drive is similar to that of a rival car £10-15,000 more, it still represents excellent value. They also come in hybrid versions, meaning with a little charge you can expect to travel 25-30 miles for less than the price of a pint of milk.

Lexus NX

( Image by The NRMA )

3) Hyundai i10:

If you are looking out for a slick, reliable city car, look no further than last year’s Hyundai i10. It’s won praise from all corners of the globe, and for good reason. It’s comfortable, spacious on the inside, and prices start at less than £9,000. It’s an attractive little thing, too – the burnt orange colour model being a particular favourite. It will hold its value, too. A quick glance over at http://www.tch.co.uk/ will show you second-hand models from 2010 are selling for £3,500. Sure, it’s not going to get your pulse going while driving around on the city streets, but with traffic congestion as it is, which cars do? It’s compact, zippy, and affordable – and that puts the Hyundai  i10 at one of the best value cars on the market.

Hyundai i10

( Image by loubeat )

4) Peugeot 108:

French cars are going through something of a renaissance of late. In years past, they were often held in scorn by many, but the likes of Peugeot have been getting their act together for a while, now. And, if you want a little set of wheels that hold their value, you should look no further than the Peugeot 108. SUVs and 4x4s are usually at the top of the charts when it comes to depreciation. But, the little Peugeot pushes them a long way, almost holding its value by 50%. Bear in mind the likes of Rolls Royce and Mercedes-Benz only hold for a couple of percents more. Do so, and you can see that Peugeot is doing well against some well-respected competition.

Peugeot 108

( Image by Arnaud Caillot )

5) Tesla:

If you can get your hands on one, the Tesla electric car tends to hold their value more than any other vehicle right now. This is partly down to its rarity on the roads. Most sales of the Tesla go to business fleets or serious enthusiasts. You will need a decent budget to get one, of course. But, that price is soon wiped out by the sheer economy of the vehicle. In fact, some garages are even reporting that some Tesla values remain static over one year. That’s an incredible statistic, given so many cars drop by 20-30% as soon as you buy them. If anything, the Tesla shows the value of getting ahead of the game. Take a look here at what you can expect – http://www.wired.com/. Early adopters have a lot of belief in the technology they use, and it’s no different with cars. Because of the high perceived value of the Tesla, many will be paying top whack for a chance of ownership for some time yet.

Tesla Model S

So, there you have it. Just a few of the best value cars out there at the moment. What will other people’s lists look like during the coming awards season? We’ll have to wait and see!

( Image by ilikewaffles11 )

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