The BMW Blends the eDrive and xDrive Drivetrains to Deliver an Efficient and Innovative Drive Pleasure

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201308_P90131126-zoom-origThe luxury German brand, BMW presents an innovative combination of its two innovative and efficient drivetrains, the eDrive and the xDrive at the upcoming Frankfurt International Motor Show for the BMW X5 SAV concept. The purpose of combining these two high end drivetrains in a single vehicle is to deliver the hallmark sporty performance together with a matchless fuel efficiency. The eDrive system of the X5 concept is based on a 4-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine paired with a 95 bhp electric motor fed by a high voltage lithium-ion battery pack that is rechargeable from any domestic power socket. The eDrive system will offer a maximum range of 30Km on electric only mode with an average fuel economy in the EU test cycle of 3.8 liter per 100 km. The BMW X5 concept accelerates in 7.0 seconds.

The electrification of the Powertrain of the BMW X5 concept enables it to deliver efficient and innovative driving dynamics ensuring low CO2 emission and fuel consumption. Additional to the performance and ride quality, the BMW X5 has a very fascinating design language that feature a traditional kidney grille, air inlets, impressing exterior colors, specially designed roof rails and the car sits on standard 21 inch light alloy wheels. The BMW X5 concept eDrive also offers an ECO PRO mode that is using a Driving Experience Control switch that ensuring a more efficient and fascinating driving style. The BMW uses lots of unique features and techniques to make it a decent and performance oriented vehicle. The eDrive system is also patched up with the intelligent all wheel drive system BMW xDrive that is new to the BMW X5 concept to deliver superior driving quality paired with an electronically controlled system that is distributing the drive equally between the front and rear wheels.

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