Nissan Collaborate with CarCharging for Quick Charger Campaign

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CarChargingWhile electric cars are very much in demand there are many car companies that are trying to collaborate with technology firms to find EV solutions for better car charging options. Nissan has now made an announcement that they have teamed up with Car Charging Group Inc, a nationwide provider of convenient EV charging services. The automaker said that both the companies will work in sync on placement of the chargers that will be later introduced in various vehicles that will be launched in the US market in the year 2013.

Nissan claims that it is important for car companies to make sure that the electronic vehicles consume less time to get charged fully.

Nissan said that their quick chargers will help consumers to reduce charging times and it would take around 30 minutes for the consumers to charge Nissan LEAF up to 80% capacity. Nissan said that the Nissan branded quick chargers will be primarily available in California and the East Coast. On the other hand, Car Charging Group will also come up with better information that will educate the consumers about how EV charging infrastructure works and how they can make better use of it. This campaign will also help consumers that have electronic vehicles but do not have private garages.

Nissan along with Car Charging will also come up with a mobile application that provides real time charging station location and turn by turn navigation to the station. CarCharging will also come up with the new proprietary evCharge card that will be available to all Nissan LEAF customers for free.

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