Introduction of the New Era Virtual Car for Gran Turismo 6 by BMW

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There was a time when virtual games were just a pastime for children and youngsters with no consequence of success or failure. But today everything is business and has competition which makes it a do or die situation for each new development and launch. Keeping with tradition BMW has introduced their latest virtual car, BMW Vision Gran Turismo, for Gran Turismo 6 played on PlayStation3. The car has been uniquely designed with features from estimating the future racing trends to capture the perfect racing experience. A few highlighting characteristics of the car are its design, which is a continuation from the past success stories of BMW; the virtual three-liter six-cylinder inline engine that commits the peak performance of 404 kW/549 hp, fast laps and optimum handling and control. The car promises to be an experience of real car racing in the virtual world of Gran Turismo 6 on PlayStation 3.

BMW Gran Turismo 6

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