Honda Taking the Most Reliable Title for Eight Consecutive Time

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Honda logoIf there is one thing which concerns passengers, drivers and pedestrians on the road – then it is safety. Road accidents are a dreadful nightmare for everyone, and accidents occur despite how many safety features a car manufacturer might include in the car. Honda however has been taking the safety very seriously, and this has been something which has been continuing from the past eight years.

Reliability Surveys

The What Car? And Warranty Direct Reliability” survey has named Honda as the most reliable car manufacturer for the eighth time. The survey monitors the issues of a vast array of car models, how many times they have been repaired and also the owner feedback; and then compiles this data to generate results. The results have shown that Honda products are the least ones which have let down their customers.  The “Which Car? Reliability and Best Buy” survey also crowns the Jazz as the best car in the hatchback category.

The Pride of Honda

The likewise models of Jazz, Civic, Accord and HR-V have all been dubbed the most reliable cars in their category. Honda manufacturing processes ensure that all parts are fitted perfectly and very few defects crop up. In fact, Honda has one of the lowest car repair costs as compared to its competitors. Phil Crossman, MD of Honda, believes that the heart of Honda lies in the reliability and passion of the engineers working at Honda, and they strive hard every day to improve the customer experience and giving them a hassle free product.

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