EPM- Innovative and Productive

EPM, Engineered Precision Machining, was established in Australia in the year 1986. This company has grown to become one of the most innovative leaders in hydraulic repairs and in cnc machining. The company is known to provide a number of services for hydraulic repairs and cnc machining to numerous different industries which include general engineering, agricultural, aviation, and subsea along with a number of other industries.

The company’s practical way of thinking when solving problems related to manufacturing has improved its reputation and made it popular among the people as an original supplier and producer of replacement parts for different industries and purposes. The manufacturing facility of the company which is located in Perth offers the company with more footage. The company’s manufacturing facility is known to feature EPM’s undercover workshop location.

Engineered Precision Machining

We at EPM use different pieces of equipment and materials for the production process and the repair procedure. Repairs made to existing pieces of machinery can be done at the Kewdale facility of EPM or at a customer’s site. The work is usually done with more specification than the actual piece. We have stocks available for utilization in a number of underground applications. We can manufacture replacement parts within a matter of two days based on the part and which treatments are needed to be done. This can offer the customers with various ways to save on the original price of the part.

Engineered Precision Machining is known to provide various engineering companies with services that suit their requirements. The company’s updated five axis equipments for CNC machining is known to be run by the qualified and professional staff. The staff of the company is capable of high volume manufacturing, discreet volume machining, and prototype establishment.

Our technological and engineering resources are known to support the requirements of the oil and gas areas from new product development to production of existing components such as couplings, shafts, actuators, valves, and constituents of gas and oil.

The machined components of Engineered Precision Machining are known to span a wide range of materials, both non-ferrous and ferrous, and the business has gained expertise in cnc machining including hi-nickel alloys, monel, inconel, hastalloy, and various other stainless steels.

You can acquire our services whenever you need us. Our customer support and technical support team will cater to your needs and will ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services.

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