Best Electrical Cars of 2013

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Not long ago, electric cars were looked at some kind of fantasy and very futuristic. But it seems people are getting used to those quirky ideas faster than expected and seem keen to know more about the best electrical cars. These modern electric cars based on quirky concepts are meant for mass consumption and are here to stay. Consumers love the idea of finally getting free of those gas stations. Moreover, the consumers today are more focused on getting higher fuel economy form their cars. This is the reason why hybrids and EVs seem to be more appealing to most buyers.

With technology improving further and sportiness taking the center stage once more, the competition is going to be fierce among these electric cars that we will get to see in the future. The upcoming best electrical cars of 2013 are well worth the wait and are sure going to be more affordable.

List of best electrical cars.

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

2013-Hyundai-Veloster-TurboGuessed at 23,000, the 201-hp version will change everything once it hits the roads. Expect 45% boost in horsepower and some killer looks. Hyundai is really getting serious about performance and has always been focused on quality and design. Word is that Veloster will run on 1.6-liter motor and gets the same suspension. This is certainly going to be one of the best electrical cars to watch out for in 2013.


The Nissan Leaf

The-Nissan-LeafThis is a highly affordable and much refined all-electric car. You get promised for 92 miles highway and 106 miles city from Nissan.  However the real-world range is at 73 miles, of course depending on the driving conditions. The five-passenger hatchback is ultra-responsive and eerily quiet. Delivering surprisingly good handling, it is going to be fun to drive. You can charge the vehicle at any of those Public charging stations but charging is faster at home at the rate of 240 volts.


2013 Dodge Dart R/T

2013-Dodge-Dart-RCosting $23,290, 2013 Dodge Dart is one of the best electrical cars. The R/T is the best ever of the class with a new front-wheel-drive. It rides on a Fiat chassis with a completely independent suspension. Under the hood, you find a 184-hp 2.4-liter offering the maximum horsepower to Dart. It may carry dual-clutch automatic or only a six-speed manual. Facing stiff competition from slightly expensive models, the performance of Dart R/T could pitch in higher sales for this electric car.


Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet-VoltChevrolet Volt is just the right way to wean off those gasoline stations. Priced under-$40,000 EV category, this all-electric car offers a range of 40 miles and then ignites its four-cylinder gas engine. You enjoy some great torque off the line in all-electric mode. Volt may be expensive for some buyers but this is an impressive car with loads of features within the cabin such as the video screen with high-tech graphics and the gauge cluster.



2013 SRT Viper

2013-SRT-ViperMade of magnesium, aluminum, and carbon fiber, 2013 SRT Viper, the super car from Chrysler is certainly one of the best electrical cars of 2013. At 100 grand and with a 640-hp V-10, the there are great expectations from this electric car. SRT folks are claiming 206-mph top speed and 0-to-60 in 3.5 seconds. It is also expected to be saddled with lower weight as the chassis is made 50 percent compact. With an entirely new suspension and superior handling as well as multi stability control system, this is a model to watch out for.


Ford C-Max Energi

Ford-C-Max-EnergiAnother EV to consider is Ford C-Max Energi. The first from Ford as the plug-in electric hybrid, get an amazing 500 miles of driving range and an impressive 47 mpg. The lithium-ion battery keeps you going great and can be recharged from a standard 120-volt electric outlet. At $32,950, you enjoy lively handling and get spacious interiors with 43.4 cubic cargo space.



2013 Ram 1500

2013-Ram-1500Starting at around $22,000, Chrysler sure is leaving no opportunity to try some bold remakes. 2013 Ram 1500 gets a facelift but it is just not a superficial makeover. We are talking about some smart updates. The front wheel openings get altered to offer superior aerodynamics. Grille active shutters reduce the drag by about 5%. Eight-speed automatic transmission coupled with the electric power steering, will save you lots of gas in traffic. This is certainly one of the best electrical cars.

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