All Honda Vehicles Get a New Design Elements as part of the New Concept “EXCITING H DESIGN!!!”

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New Design ConceptAppearance mean a lot and so all the automakers are trying to develop some really fascinating and attractive models together with comfort and convenience. The Japanese automaker Honda announced a unique and new design concept on Thursday, on 5th September at Tokyo, named “EXCITING H DESIGN!!!”. The Honda will apply the new design concept to its entire vehicle lineup throughout the world that promotes a distinctive look, strong character and admiring presence globally. In terms of reliability, Honda has been performing excellently and the new design concept will help the Japanese brand to make its own very unique style statement.

The new design concept of Honda has a unique style to write “EXCITING H DESIGN!!!”  in which the three exclamation signs mean three unique design factors named, “High Tech” represents innovations, “High Tension” represents a beautiful and distinctive layout and structure and “High Touch” represents well appointed texture and surfacing. Honda will incorporate these three design factors inside and outside the vehicles to make them more organized, exciting and distinctive. The first vehicle that gets the new design concept is the all new Honda Fit whereas Honda expands the design to other vehicles of the brand around the globe.

Following are the details of the design concept under each design factor.


  • High Tech features a new “Solid Wing Face” with an “H” logo in the middle.
  • The High Tension offers a new and well toned body layout, “Athlete Form” is offered.
  • The High Touch features dynamic texture with “dramatic surfacing” to attract people.


High Tech features a bunch of advance technologies but will be user friendly and easy to operate.

High Tension offers “Personal Cockpit” designed in a sportier and emotional style.

High Touch helps the Honda to create meaningful interiors showcases the “Craftsmanship” and abundant use of high end materials.

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