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  • Best Electrical Cars of 2013

    Feb 26, 13 • Top PicksNo Comments
    Best Electrical Cars of 2013

    Not long ago, electric cars were looked at some kind of fantasy and very futuristic. But it seems people are getting used to those quirky ideas faster than expected and seem keen to know more about the best electrical cars. These modern electric cars based on quirky concepts are meant for mass consumption and are [&hellip...

  • Tata Nano – Review

    Feb 15, 13 • Auto ReviewsNo Comments
    Tata Nano – Review

    Budget plays a very important role in the Indian automobile industry and therefore some of the top auto makers in the country are well aware that they need to target average buyers that can provide them with better options. With the introduction of Tata Nano, Tata has changed the way auto market operates in India. [&hellip...